Brooklyn : Brooklyn Showroom

Daniella Rosales-Friedman

Mala Yoga, Bend and Bloom Yoga, Go Yoga

Daniella came to her mat over 11 years ago with curiosity and undiscovered flexibility. There, she found a playful way to move the body, an inner focus to stay interested, and a strength that came when she wasn’t looking. Many exhales later, she continues to swoon over yoga’s charms. Deep gratitude for mentors, teachers and friends. And especially for her students, whose intelligence and sweetness inspire her every day. To learn more visit!

How Daniella Teaches: With humor and creative sequencing, her classes explore the efficiency of movement from pose to pose. Daniella guides students as they reveal strength, build flexibility, and melt the limitations of gravity. Daniella's intention is for the yoga practice to bring you closer to yourself inside the studio and beyond.