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Sasha Slocombe

Park Slope Yoga Center

Sasha Slocombe first practiced yoga in high school when it was offered as an alternative to volley ball. After years of struggling to find a physical practice that suited her she realized she had found home. She has been teaching yoga since 2000 when she was certified by the Laughing Lotus School of Yoga. She teaches in the Vinyasa style with a focus on alinement. Inspired by her daughter's favorite part of school, she includes "choice time" where students can follow their inner teacher as well as structured sequences. Shortly after her completing her training Sasha was thrilled to become pregnant with her first daughter, Xela. Three years later she was blessed by a second daughter, Tulsi. Her prenatal and parent baby classes stem from her experiences as a mother and focus on awareness of the physical and emotional changes related to pregnancy and parenthood. For the last five years Sasha has worked with over 150 families as a labor support doula. In this work she has found a "real life" application for yoga practice, patience, balance, acceptance, and above all the value of taking things one breath at a time.

Sasha is deeply indebted to her teachers, Dana Flynn, Jonathan FitzGordon, Liz Bueller, Bernadette Birney and most of all to her students who have inspired and amazed her for eleven years.