Brooklyn : Brooklyn Showroom

Stephanie Creaturo

In 2007, Steph co-founded Mala Yoga, a community-based studio in Brooklyn, NY, with the idea that yoga can be a lifelong, life-enriching practice, both on the mat and off. She wanted Mala to be a place that felt inviting instead of intimidating, a safe space where students would want to bring their moms or boyfriends to give yoga a try. Three years later, she is grateful every time someone tells her how encouraged they feel in her class. Steph teaches practitioners of all levels of experience. Her specialty is basics class, where she communicates advanced principles of anatomy and alignment with clarity, patience, humor–and a real-life context that helps students understand how these ancient poses can help them manage the physical and emotional challenges of the modern age. Steph’s teaching and learning is inspired by her passion for the practice and its benefits, and the belief that everyone can (and should!) “do” yoga. Huge shout outs filled with gratitude and love to her students, who inspire her each and every class; her teachers, Tias & Surya Little of Prajna Yoga, who feed and stoke her passion to learn; her family, who continue to put up with her wacky schedule, and Angela & Christina, who make this path an absolute joy in every way possible.