Buffalo : Buffalo Showroom

Kathleen Engelhardt


I began practicing yoga 10 years ago with minimal background in movement or athletics. After my first class, I knew that yoga was the perfect all inclusive wellness path for me. I learned through my practice that my body is naturally hypermobile and I was blessed to find the right teachers within the Asthanga Yoga Tradition who taught me the importance of balance by using the practice to both harness my flexibility and to create strength. As a vinyasa yoga instructor, I continue to draw from the breath based structure of ashtanga yoga while embracing precise alignment cueing drawn from a variety of other yoga traditions and my studies in human anatomy. My classes are challenging and creative. My sequencing informs students, on a physical and energetic level, about the connections between postures to break down intimidating postures in the hopes of making them more accesible to students of all levels. I believe that a challenging daily yoga practice can create an immense sense of balance, present mindedness and over all peace in one's life.

My teachers are Ron Reid and Diane Bruni of Downward Dog Yoga Centre, where I completed my 200 hour teacher training. I am also a humble student of the wonderfully informed teachers at East Meets West Yoga in Buffalo where I teach weekly classes.