Buffalo : Buffalo Showroom

Kathy Burt


Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor
I walked into my first Bikram yoga class in San Diego, CA in 2001. I remember it like it was yesterday. There are few things in my life I can remember that clearly, but this one stays with me. I think because of what I have taken from my practice.

I have such a clear sense of being; as well, a healthy mind and body – a complete package. I will admit that I have a love-hate relationship with my practice, but for what it gives me, I walk into the studio with an open mind.

In November 2008, I graduated from Bikram yoga teacher training. Once again, things changed for me and my practice. I understand myself and the yoga on a whole new level.

I hope you walk out of my class with peace in your mind and love in your heart. Just kill yourself for 90 minutes, and all will come to you.