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Melissa Guitron

I am a coach because I am driven by the passion to help others discover that they can do more than think is possible. Probably my biggest joy is seeing someone set and goal and then smash it.

It all started in Redwood City California. This is my hometown where I was brought up and taught the value of hand work, commitment to excellence. If you start something you dedicate yourself to finishing it. These values were impressed upon me from a young age and have shaped who I am today.

Upon graduating college I took an internship running school age sports camps on a US Army base in Germany. During my time here discovered a huge disconnect between fitness and the everyday individual, one that reached beyond the scope of just our youth. Many people see athletes and think that they could never achieve that themselves. They see a divide between themselves and the extraordinary goals they have. My goal became help people close that gap and achieve what they once thought was impossible. I would do this through coaching.
A coach is more than just someone who yells at you. A coach is your mental head game, your accountability and steward of your fitness. My job is to teach you how to make fitness your own. How to make it more than just an activity, but a mechanism that you can use as a spring pad to achieve great things. I hold myself to the same high standards/accountability that I hold my athletes to, determined to not just reach but surpass my goals and aspirations. Because of this I bring those same expectations to my athletes. It doesn’t matter if you are one of my CrossFit Kids or middle aged athletes, if you have a dream we can achieve it together. Don’t speak it and not expect me to hold you to it.

Enter CrossFit Kura, My new home; my passion. Here is where I combine my core values given to me from my parents with my passion to help people achieve extraordinary things. My goal is to help set people free from thinking they "CAN'T." I continue to challenge myself and my athletes to exceed their limits.