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Michelle Myhre

San Francisco Yogini Michelle Myhre brings her heart and soul to the mat. With a degree in Health Science, in her past life she worked as a massage therapist, managed a healing center and was caretaker for an off-the-grid farming community in Kipahulu, Maui. Michelle took her first yoga class in 1989 and fell in love with the practice in 1997 when she discovered Iyengar Yoga. She began teaching yoga in 2001 & opened her first yoga studio on Maui in 2004. Her training is in Jivamukti, Bikram, Iyengar/Ashtanga & Bhakti Flow. She teaches alignment based vinyasa yoga.

“Teaching yoga is an opportunity to share what I love more than anything else in the world. Each class is a journey we go on together. Vinyasa yoga incorporates playful sequencing that takes people where they thought they could not go & mythology which speaks to the archetypes of human experience that we all share. Vinyasa yoga includes intentions or themes for each class, a playlist – because music has so much energy and brings the emotional element, the bhakti, into our hearts. The most precious essential piece that vinyasa brings to the room is mental clarity which comes when we move and breath together. Vinyasa is also an open system meaning we can take it up or down a notch, and evolve the practice to keep it nourishing.

“Shiva is the God of yoga, the master of death, and in the Hindu trinity, Shiva is the destroyer. He’s the God you invoke when things are falling apart. Shiva is all about involution, destruction, and endings, which is another word for beginnings. Shiva also gives people the tools to get through the process and transform gracefully: Meditation and Yoga.”

Michelle (ERYT 500) leads teacher training at San Francisco Yoga Garden and teaches yoga in SF and on the Peninsula. She writes a popular blog for yoga teachers and students “Devi Wears Prana” at www.michellemyhre.com