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Ed Thomas


Growing up in Toronto, Canada, Ed worked as a part time health club manager and disc jockey. He was always interested in music and dance, but never had the confidence to become a dancer. He would participate in aerobics classes as his dance outlet and soon realized a passion inside of him that he wanted to explore. He began a friendship with his aerobics instructor and she taught him the basics of choreography and dance moves. He learned how to work to the beat and the count of music and put together dance routines. Later, he became certified as an aerobics instructor and has never looked back.

Running the full cycle of the industry, Ed embraced and learned all types and styles of fitness classes. As the style of clothing and hair changed, so did the variety of classes. Yes, he even lived the Disco years and leg warmers !!!!!!!!!!! Broadening his horizons, Ed became a certified personal trainer. This taught him a greater understanding and respect as to what the human body could accomplish if the right motivation was implemented. He combined his aerobics and training knowledge to bring his classes to an even higher level. Embracing the industry more, Ed became certified as a spin instructor.

Currently Ed still teaches and trains in all varieties of fitness and shares his knowledge with all who enter the world he enjoys so much. He has starred in fitness videos and presented at many fitness conventions and events in order to stay at the top of the fitness game. His greatest happiness, however, is making a difference in peoples lives one at a time. As a teacher and instructor he has the unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people by changing their health and well being.

Every person who enters Ed’s class becomes a new friend to him and he hopes to enrich their life in this world that he enjoys so much. He takes a personal interest in every member with the hope that they have enjoyed their workout experience as much as he does. Today Ed keeps to this standard and still loves every second of what he does. Fitness and exercise will always be a huge passion of Ed’s life.

Ed is currently working with some close friends to try and create a reality television show about “class” and what it's like living in the world of a fitness instructor. In addition, Ed has a new personal goal of becoming a certified yoga instructor. It is a great feeling to wake up every morning feeling blessed for the healthy life that he leads. In many ways, Ed says that life seems to shadow a movie phrase in the children’s movie Madagascar. All the penguins line up as the chief watches people go by and says "Smile and wave Boys. Just smile and wave.” As every class comes to an end Ed just smiles and waves!