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Malaika DosRemedios

Burlington Yoga

Malaika grew up in Warwick RI, and has always had a passion for anything physical. A gymnast from the age of 3, she was also a Little League baseball player, one of the very few girls on the team.

A torn ACL during a high school gymnastics meet and subsequent long recovery ended her competitive gymnastics career but led Malaika to discover a myriad of other enjoyable activities.

Today, Malaika is an avid marathon runner, and her greatest race yet was in May of 2010, completing ‘The Great Wall Marathon’ in China in 6 hours and 33 minutes. For Malaika, running far distances is a truly pure and meditative practice.

While obtaining a degree in Social Work at the University of Vermont, Malaika started to join group fitness classes and was exposed to yoga. After taking her third yoga class, she never looked back and yoga quickly became a daily practice. The practice has helped Malaika find balance within her life, deeply connecting her to mind, body, and soul. Focusing on the breath has also taught her to remain in the present, a lesson she carries throughout her practice and in her life on and off the mat.

After several years of training and practice, Malaika began teaching yoga at Burlington Yoga in May of 2009.

In addition to teaching yoga, Malaika is also a certified personal trainer and loves working with people in groups and individually.

She likes to say, “The inner work is just as important as the outer work for the highest and best you to come forward each and every day! You only get one life, be true to yourself!”