Calgary : Chinook Center

Alice Hong

"Since 2000, I have been in continual awe of the depth of this ancient practice called yoga. My practice is guided by the deep qualities of the heart, expressed through the grace of both movement and stillness. I have been tremendously fortunate for the opportunity to study with amazing teachers around the globe, having traveled to over 25 countries to study, teach, and play. I hope to encourage students to develop a strong sense of body awareness, cultivate mindfulness and awaken their heart to experience their true selves. I do my best to take the lessons learned on the mat - compassion, surrender and gratitude with me into the world. Thank you to all those who have guided me along the path and those I have yet to meet. Namaste. " - Alice Hong

Our lululemon athletica Chinook team has been lucky to call Alice our ambassador since 2012. She brings a lightness and energy to our team and surrounding yoga community that would not be possible without her. If you would like to go to one of Alice's classes, go to her website below for an updated schedule.