Calgary : Chinook Center

Kate Mak

I started the yoga practice in a time of
uncertainty and it has certainly been
one of the most beautiful and satisfying
journeys that I have started and
continue to grow from each day. I am so
proud and honoured to have the
opportunities to stand in a room and
witness the journeys the students take
on the mat and off the mat. It really
is, the best job in the entire world!

Each event in our lives serves in a big
or small way towards shaping who we are.
In my former life, I have been involved
with neuroscience research and even
spent a year in Japan as an English
teacher. Currently, I describe myself as
a yoga teacher, a food blogger, an
aspiring world traveller and a fun

The world around us can be a serious place and it falls on each of us to
become an instrument of positive change and to share love, joy and laughter. We
are all fighting our personal battles but when we come together at the same
time and the same place to practice the same thing... it's amazing! The community that builds around yoga is
what can guide us through life itself.

Often times, the boundaries that are present in our lives are the ones that
we build and put in place ourselves. We hear it all the time on the mat to trust
yourself and break the fear that binds us. A good friend once said to me when I
was just starting to teach (and was terrified).

Fear is simply excitement without the breath.

Breathe into the things that scare you the most, trust yourself and savour the
excitement that follows.

I keep this as a personal mantra and as I work towards goals I have set for

I have started a YouTube channel to further my reach to students who are
reluctant to come to a studio setting, to ask questions or to get concerns
addressed. I plan on starting an iTunes Podcast so people can practice in their
homes, on their travels or when there's just not enough hours in a day to get to
the studio. I want to expand the workshops I offer in the city so people
begin to understand and reconnect with the body so that they can move deeper in
the practice.

The practice of yoga is however an 8-limbed path. The poses we practice in a
room only account for 1/8 of this path... the other 7 is a lifestyle
choice. I am continually learning and stand beside you not as a teacher but as
a fellow student and a friend.

I hope to meet you on the mat or otherwise!