Calgary : Chinook Center

Michelle Waddock

Tennis Coach/Trainer/Kids Yoga Instructor @ Pure Hot Yoga

Persistence that is what I live by in
everything that I do. I believe that
through hard work, discipline, and
desire, anything is possible.
Athleticism has been an intricate part
of my life since I was a little girl.
From gymnastics and ballet to diving,
skiing and tennis I immersed myself in
sports at a young age and always had a
passion for competition. It was this
passion that helped me to become a three-
time Canadian tennis champion, while
traveling internationally and playing
tournaments like the Junior Us Open and
the French Open. I later went on to play
at the University of San Diego on a full
tennis scholarship until an injury
forced me to give up my tennis career.
However my love for the game of tennis,
competing and sport in general is
thoroughly embedded in my soul.

I am now a wife and a mother of three
beautiful, wonderful children who are
the centre of my life. I am also a
tennis coach, a certified AFLCA (Alberta
Fitness Leadership Certification
Association) trainer with a designation
in Mind Body Fusion, and a kid’s yoga
instructor at Pure Hot Yoga. I believe
living a balanced life is crucial and
learning to juggle multiple tasks has
become second nature to me.

I still love to set goals and challenge
myself and others on a daily basis. I am
a firm believer in cross training and
trying every sport, I think it is
important to be comfortable in a variety
of different sports as you never know
what life is going to throw at you. As
they say to achieve great things in life
you first have to believe in yourself!