Calgary : Market Mall

Nicki Rehn

About Me:
I love living. I love the mountains, the beach, my two home countries (Australia and Canada), BBQ's and real food. I love to run, mostly on trails and mostly in the backcountry. I love to move and be active, and that leads me into many sports and activities. I love adventure, travel and photography. I love my family. I love learning about people and culture. I'm a little bit crazy, embrace childlike fun, and believe that life is good. I crave what is real. And I love to write.

"I reckon I have finally found the key to success at this race (Citychase Championships Whitehorse) and it's not what you think. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for avoiding elimination and no way to ever predict what is coming. There is nothing you can do to prepare or plan (although, I confess that the YouTube video I watched on how to pan for gold did help us win that challenge), and no strategy that will give you an edge on your competition. Bad luck and good luck have no favorites. Experience buys you nothing and NOONE is ever safe. But here is the secret: find comfort in the unknown, make friends, be grateful that you are there, and have as much fun as possible."