Apryl Dawn

Breathe Hot Yoga

I started my yogic journey 10 years ago, and was addicted from my first sun salutation. I often say "Yoga is where the lost souls go to be found", and that's exactly what happened...I found myself in this beautiful practice. The freedom of expression and the depth I found in my body was something I never experienced before. The practice has opened my heart, mind and body in ways I never knew existed within me, and every class, workshop and teacher training have been an essential building block in my life. I live, eat, and breathe yoga, and I am so honoured to be able to share this passion with others. So come take a journey with me, find some stillness and peace within, and open your body in ways you never knew possible! Read the profile >>

Candace Rusling

Soul Hot Yoga

I discovered yoga in 2003 as a way to keep my body in shape while training as a professional ballerina. Over the past eight years what I have found on my mat has changed the direction of my life in a profound way. Yoga has given me the strength to walk through life with eyes bright and heart open. I choose to smile each day at those passing by in hopes to put a little joy into the lives of the people around me. Yoga is uplifting and enlightening while providing a sense of grounding that simply cannot be found elsewhere. I live thanks to Prana. Prana is Now. Atha exists in stillness. Yoga gets me there. Read the profile >>

Jonathan Campbell

2110 Fitness

Family and fitness has always played a big role for Jonathan Campbell. His parents always instilled the value of fitness and playing sports from a young age. Even when working on a successful, yet time-consuming career in the oil and gas industry, staying healthy was always a top priority for him. Campbell chose the oil and gas industry so that he could acquire all the skills necessary to eventually help steer the helm of his father’s company after he retired. But after his father privately sold the company to a larger foreign firm in 2007, Campbell took a hard look at his career. It took a pivotal moment in his family’s lives to change everything for his family and his twin brother, Christopher Campbell. When his father suffered four heart attacks in one week, Campbell shifted... Read the profile >>

Kelly Saunders

Hotshop Hot Yoga & Spin

Inspired most by mountain peaks, breath taking sunrises, God, and the changing colors of autumn; nature is what drives Kelly’s heart. Whenever she is not in the studio she is most likely out “ playing in the mountains” and fueling her inspiration; whether it be biking, camping, or just getting lost outdoors.“Life can be short... so go enjoy it” are words that often come at the end of her yoga class. Planting seeds of hope, growth and inspiration is truly what yoga is for Kelly. It is seeing that the glass is more full than empty, that there is always a reason to be grateful and that kindness prevails even when times get tough. In her teaching as in her life, Kelly strives to cultivate harmony: balancing effort with relaxation, flexibility with strength and encouraging a... Read the profile >>