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Jonathan Campbell

Family and fitness has always played a big role for Jonathan Campbell. His parents always instilled the value of fitness and playing sports from a young age. Even when working on a successful, yet time-consuming career in the oil and gas industry, staying healthy was always a top priority for him. Campbell chose the oil and gas industry so that he could acquire all the skills necessary to eventually help steer the helm of his father’s company after he retired. But after his father privately sold the company to a larger foreign firm in 2007, Campbell took a hard look at his career. It took a pivotal moment in his family’s lives to change everything for his family and his twin brother, Christopher Campbell.

When his father suffered four heart attacks in one week, Campbell shifted priorities in his life and made the decision to pursue his MBA at the University of Calgary. He sat down with his family and they discussed goals they wanted to accomplish over the next five years. Understanding the importance of family and health in general, the brothers put their dreams together of starting a business and created 2110 Fitness.

“Entrepreneurship is in our bloodline and it was always a dream to open my own business,” he explains. “During my MBA, I took a closer look at the fitness industry and began building the business plan for 2110 Fitness.

“Going into business with my brother made sense as every memory I have in my life has been with Chris right there by my side. He supports me, pushes me, and believes in me. He is my best friend.”

The concept of 2110 Fitness started as a business model around his brother, but once Campbell began looking at the industry, he saw an opportunity to really do something different and innovative. Before they agreed to open 2110, they discussed the importance of allowing each other to focus on their strengths andalways supported each other as they build a business in a very tough industry.

“2110 Fitness is a collaboration of Chris’s vision of building a fitness playground and my push to reach everyone and to change their life paths
through fitness,” he states. “2110 Fitness has a diverse offering and a diverse client base because we approach everyone as an individual with specific
goals and needs.”

Although the primary vision was to reach more people and continue to lead the industry by practicing the cutting edge in functional fitness, Campbell sees the brand moving forward to establish its place in the industry and expand across the city.

His role is to lead the team and to set the example and standard of conduct, to be the role model for the others as the 2110 team strives to be the best fitness company out there. But leading on the floor and in the office, driving the direction of 2110 with Chris and holding our future, all comes with compromises.

“Every decision is made with a compromise, and it is rare that there is
every a perfect decision,” he says. “Whether it is time with family, friends, or even for personal hobbies, the biggest compromise right now is personal time. Starting a small business means you are always on call.

“I refer to it as the iceberg effect: the tip of the iceberg, such as training clients, teaching class, or interacting at 2110 is just the tip of what we do. It is the other 90 per cent of the work people do not see and it is this 90 per cent that can cut into personal time to enjoy family, friends, and hobbies. But when you have the opportunity to follow your dream, compromises are part of the package.”

Family factors heavily into every decision the Campbell brothers make. It is why they do what they do, and it is the reason for sacrifice. But Campbell is quick to point out that family is not only defined by blood but by the group of people you care about and who care about you. To him, family are the “go to” people who are there for you when you fall down, the ones that pick you up, dust you off and give you a kick in the ass to do it again. Family is a two-way relationship of support, respect, and love.

“At its heart, 2110 is not a gym, but a community of people who genuinely care about each other,” he says and smiles. “Through the journey of fitness, we have all bonded beyond a friendly face into a family.

“Our members not only care about fellow members’ fitness goals and accomplishments, but also their family, hobbies, and personal goals. As a family we all support each other. Honestly, 2110 Fitness is my home and my family comes to visit everyday. I have built relationships with many of our members and have witnessed them push personal limits and they have pushed me as we all grow together and bond through our shared and supported experiences.”