Calgary : Southcentre

Kelly Saunders

Inspired most by mountain peaks, breath taking sunrises, God, and the changing colors of autumn; nature is what drives Kelly’s heart. Whenever she is not in the studio she is most likely out “ playing in the mountains” and fueling her inspiration; whether it be biking, camping, or just getting lost outdoors.“Life can be short... so go enjoy it” are words that often come at the end of her yoga class.

Planting seeds of hope, growth and inspiration is truly what yoga is for Kelly. It is seeing that the glass is more full than empty, that there is always a reason to be grateful and that kindness prevails even when times get tough. In her teaching as in her life, Kelly strives to cultivate harmony: balancing effort with relaxation, flexibility with strength and encouraging a unity of body, mind and spirit. She looks forward in continuously learning from her students, and expanding her knowledge within the field. Most importantly, she is excited about helping others open their heart, find their inner confidence, and view life circumstances from the most positive perspective.

Coming from a strong Kinesiolgy background, and through specializing with athletes, Kelly leads a comprehensive and often playful class that leaves you feeling openminded, powerful, centered and ready to take on the day. “Through music we jive, through yoga we unite and drive change.”

With gratitude Kelly has grown into the teacher she is today with the loving guidance of Vickie Macarthur, Ally Bogard, Sara Villamil, Candace Cooke, Kevin Elander, Kathy Zorzit, Don and Amba Stapleton, Eoin Finn, Baron Baptiste, Courtney Chalfant and DeAnna Smothers. And perhaps most profoundly her dad, brother Braden and husband Paul who have taught her that people matter more than things.

What Kelly loves most about teaching yoga is that she can encourage others to be free spirited, to be less critical, and to take time to listen from the inside out. “Be yourself...everyone else is taken. When we are busy aspiring to be like someone else our own greatness diminishes.” Deb Thomson.

See you soon.

Peace, big smiles and Sun Salutations from Kelly