Canberra : Canberra

Lana Bruton

I have been a gym junkie since I was 15yrs old, some 33 years ago. I have been dragging all my friends to the gym way back then,as I wanted them to feel what I felt. It was "Lana time", the only place in the world that was all about me. It was my safe place, when my world around me wasn’t that fabulous, the music, the energy of the gym was what kept me going through the many hard times in my life. I loved the way I felt afterwards.

I moved to Canberra 10 years ago from Perth and the first thing I did was join a gym. From there it was all about destiny. I befriended a group fitness instructor who encouraged me to become a gym instructor (She actually works for me to this day!). I worked at Fernwood Woden when it was first built and then I took over as Club Manager at Fernwood Tuggeranong after working as a Personal Trainer , Food Coach and in Sales. I had no management skills at all and couldn't even send an email at that stage

Now I am living the dream with the most amazing business partner I could ever wish to have running a beautiful Women’s Health Club, inspiring women every day to be the best version of themselves!