Brisbane : Carindale

Collette O'Brien

Collette O’Brien is the founder of Highlight Fitness Personal Training.

“I let my clients see the real me: someone who’s passionate and professional.”

Facilitating other people’s fitness, health and wellbeing is like an instinct for Collette. She’s been guiding clients and group fitness class participants towards better health and wellness for almost a decade.

Collette’s passionate about creating innovative programmes for her personal training clients and has a strong focus on functional fitness. With her communication and dedication to correct technique enable her clients’ to achieve positive change to their wellbeing.

January 2013 saw Collette launch a new exercise initiative “Taking It Outside” to bring the fun of fitness outdoors for everyone. Sunshine, movement and smiles! Launching the “TIO” group fitness training initiative has been challenging but wonderfully exciting witnessing participants enjoying the social interaction as they team up to get fit together.

Determined, resourceful and self-reliant, Collette’s other great love is indoor cycle and spin. She is a fantastic and motivating instructor consistently drawing on her comprehensive personal training expertise to educate and inspire first timers to avid cyclists on how to achieve greater fitness levels and their specific goals.

Collette is so proud to be part of the grassroots of the Brisbane lululemon community and honoured to be selected to continue in her role as ambassador.

By being actively involved in the Highlight Fitness and lululemon atheletica communities Collette gets to live her life, smile and know that she is inspiring others to be more active, more healthy and a whole lot happier!