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Mia Hurst

Mia is a nature lover, a mother, an ever-aspiring yogi, pilates practitioner and a proud lululemon Ambassador.

What gets Mia up in the morning, other than her kids, is the inspiration and adventure that a new day brings. Whether it involves Standup Paddleboard Yoga on the Monterey Bay, or a Sunset Yoga Session on the Dunes, Mia strives to be practical, refreshing, bring passion and zest to her life and to her yoga and pilates classes!

Mia has been working in the fitness industry for over 12 years, starting in England as a Group Exercise Instructor before certifying as a Personal Trainer in Southern California where she started her lifelong journey into Pilates and Yoga before moving to Pacific Grove in late 2002. The two disciplines of Yoga and Pilates truly resonated with Mia who strives to learn more and more on a daily basis! She has always believed in the transformative power of both practices, understanding the fundamentally important interrelationship between psyche and physiology.

Mia is proud to be trained through Polestar Pilates, whose mission is to create "an international community of research-oriented movement science professionals, transferring knowledge to our clients to improve health and well-being, through the application of Pilates and various methodologies of movement science." She is also PMA certified.

In yoga, Mia leads her classes with a warm, open heart and a pragmatic spirituality. She creates a fun, relaxed atmosphere where her students can practice a creative flow that allows them to try new things within their practice. Heavily influenced by Shiva’s Prana Vinyasa flow, Mia uses innovative sequences, music, and warm humor to inspire students on and off the mat. She has been deeply affected by her training with Coral Brown and Prana Flow. She says with descriptions such as these, how can you not dive right in!
"an evolutionary method of embodied transformation and radiant health"
"a way of liberating the natural flow of the spontaneous intelligence"
"a way to ride the waves of breath, change and life rhythms"
"living, loving, serving life in all forms "

Mia has taken yoga and community to a new level this year, using yoga classes and yoga events to raise money for Charity Water. Her first campaign raised over $5000, and now one of her goals is to raise $1 million through yoga and community spirit and bring clean, fresh water to multiple villages who have none.

"Do what you love and love what you do."