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Tesia Miller



Tesia was born and raised in Big Sur, California – a small and insanely beautiful town hovering over the waters of the Pacific Ocean. From a very young age, any and all outdoor activities were appealing. In particular, horseback riding, snowboarding and wakeboarding took their places at the top of the list.

“Go hard or go home” was her motto. As a result of this it is needless to say that more than one injury occurred. Over time these injuries compounded, because in her youth she ignored the injuries and continued doing the things she loved. At a certain point however, something had to give – and it did.

Tesia had severe and at times debilitating low back pain, among other things, which left her needing rehabilitation. She found that a quick fix such as a chiropractic visit, or a trip to the physical therapist left her wanting. This was when she discovered Pilates. Not only did it give her relief but it also challenged and excited her. Not long after she began practicing did she decide that she too wanted to educate and instruct others.

In 2009 Tesia was fully certified in both comprehensive and mat Pilates through Body Arts and Sciences, an internationally recognized and acclaimed school. However, her education did not stop there. She feels what is most important as a teacher is that one never stops learning. And so, in addition to working with her clients at The Pilates Studio in downtown Carmel she continues to meet with her mentor three times a week in effort to expand and deepen her knowledge and practice of the classical repertoire.

Pilates is truly an amazing and life altering practice. The change that it has made in Tesia’s life and body is undeniable. And she looks forward to sharing that same experience with all those that come into contact with her and her studio. She can be found at The Pilates Studio of Carmel or reached by email at