Soho Hong Kong

Babs Mountain

Coastal Fitness Performance Training

Babs is an extremely accomplished athlete and trainer. Babs is a current member of the Hong Kong National Field Hockey team and has been representing them for over 11 years! Don’t let her infectious smile fool you – Babs is relentless in her quest for improved fitness levels among her clients. She uses her knowledge from several coaching certifications and her current OPT coaching certification to help improve and inspire a wealth of clients with different abilities and fitness levels. She now has her sights set on mixed modal training and the sport of fitness has made some very impressive improvements over the past year due to her attitude and smart programming. Read the profile >>

Claudia Whitney

Flex Studio Hong Kong

A passionate and committed instructor, Claudia has taught yoga for more than a decade in New York City, Thailand and now Hong Kong, which she calls home. Highly experienced, Claudia is certified in Bikram, and trained in Ashtanga, Forrest and Pre-natal yoga, with experience in Anusara, Acro (Partner) yoga, and meditation. She is also an AntiGravity® yoga apprentice instructor and has organized numerous yoga retreats around the globe. Claudia playfully inspires her students to stay in the moment, be aware of their breath and engage their inner strength by challenging them to connect with their practice on a deeper level. Through creative sequencing, hands-on adjustments and inspiring music, Claudia brings balance both on and off the mat. She works closely with Off the Mat, Into the World,... Read the profile >>

Ed Haynes

Coastal Fitness Performance Training

Ed is the founder of Coastal Fitness Performance Training in Hong Kong and a former international rugby player. Ed chose to follow a career in fitness after seeing the benefits of sound strength and conditioning principles to help him recover from some severe injuries during his playing career. He has a vast knowledge of fitness and a deep understanding of what it takes to help people reach their goals. Ed has completed several strength and conditioning certifications ranging from Poliquin level II, Crossfit level I to the Irish Strength Institute. He is currently completing his OPT associate coaching certification. Read the profile >>

Nora Lim

The Yoga Room

Hailing from the shores of Singapore, Nora found yoga in the midst of her career as a theatre and TV producer, with her asana practice being her safe haven when she needed a sense of clarity. After more than 10 years in the arts and entertainment, the void in her life opened her up to fully embracing the spiritual side of yoga. Her first teacher training in the heart-oriented Anusara method with Patrick Creelman led to a huge transformative shift in her physical, emotional and spiritual body and awakened her to share the precious gift of yoga with others. With a sharp mind, vibrant body and open heart, her purest of intentions is to inspire others to cultivate strength, mindfulness and conscious awareness in their body and spirit while recognizing and expressing their divine self... Read the profile >>

Shelle Jackson

Pure Yoga Hong Kong

Shelle discovered yoga while living in Arizona. From there she has reinvented her life from a television journalist to an inspiring and devoted yogini. Since 2000, Shelle has taught yoga across the U.S. and into the cold north of Montreal this past winter. Currently, she teaches Hatha and Power yoga in Pure Yoga Centrium. Her teaching infuses lightness with a strong current of firm guidance. Read the profile >>

Trixie Velex

Flex Studio Hong Kong

Trixie was studying to become a nurse when she entered the fitness world at the age of 19. Her passion for dancing and performing led her teaching group classes,became an Internationally Certified Les Mills Body Jam and Balance instructor. Later she also trained Zumba© fitness, Latin Dances, Jazz, Hiphop, Step. After a few years of teaching dance-based classes, Trixie discovered Yoga, Tai-chi and Pilates. Pilates immediately became a passion, and undertook intensive training in Singapore for Beginners & Intermediate levels, her Rehab course in Dubai where she taught as well. In addition to Pilates, Trixie is a qualified Xtend Barre and Suspension Trainer (Redcord & TRX©). Her clients call her "small but terrible & amazing" as she surprises them with the visible results... Read the profile >>

Vangie Wimbush

Vangie Wimbush has been in Hong Kong since she was 8 years old. She studied to become a Physical Education Teacher in Hawaii. Vangie has represented Hong Kong in Hockey, Netball and Triathlon. Her love and passion for sports has her currently working at an International School. Her favorite class to teach is Hiit - these high intensity interval trainings are a great way to stay in shape and learning to push your limits. Read the profile >>