King Street

Ashley Bell

A bit about Ashley... I’m a yoga teacher because throughout my life I’ve taught everything that I’ve ever loved, from dance and group fitness to art and math (yes, I love math). My interest in health and wellness is rooted in my days studying dance and participating in sports every semester beginning in eight grade for the duration of my secondary education. I taught ballet as a high school student and group fitness in college before completing my graduate studies in Art Education at Columbia University’s Teachers College. As a creative arts teacher, I always hoped that students would come to recognize the validity of their own stories, and in trusting that truth find a medium through which they could share those experiences. As a yoga teacher, I hope that students will... Read the profile >>

Beth Cosi

The Yoga House

It is Beth’s belief that through a diligent and mindful yoga practice, each student has a profound opportunity to ignite a fire within her or his self. According to Beth, yoga has helped her find her voice, her innate sense of creativity, and her passion. Beth became a Yoga Instructor through the BTY teacher training program in 2010. Beth has also received certifications in Yin yoga as well as prenatal and senior yoga. Through breath and movement there is a divine opportunity for change and the possibility to awaken to your authentic self. She challenge her students, to first, be kind to their own selves; to leave excuses at the door; to finish strong; and to ignite the fire within his or herself. Beth is a certified instructor of vinyasa flow, senior yoga, Yoga as Medicine, prenatal... Read the profile >>

Jeffrey Metzler

CrossFit Discovery Downtown

A bit about Jeffrey Jeffrey grew up in Columbia, SC, and went to Clemson University. His long-time love of cycling developed further while he studied electrical engineering. Jeffrey moved to Charleston, SC, after graduation and worked as a design engineer for a power utility company for two years. During this time, his cycling shifted into running and he decided to pursue his first marathon; triathlons were soon to follow, though he despises swimming. As fitness became his consuming passion, Metzler left engineering and began managing two Crossfit affiliates in the Charleston area. He loves coaching others to a higher level of fitness, and is always trying to push himself to the next level as well. Jeffrey is a big fan of foreign travel, having recently spent time in Nicaragua and... Read the profile >>

Kelly Jean Moore

A bit about Kelly Jean... I hale from the South Caroline upstate, but I have been living in Charleston for the past 10 years. I have been teaching since May 2004 and am certified in Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, and Yin Yoga. I fell into yoga accidentally in 2003. I have a background in theater and dance, and have had a strong interest in philosophy and psychology, so the practice immediately resonated with me. I also found yoga at a time when I was struggling with substance abuse and depression. Yoga changed my life in ways that no other therapy had done. Teaching opportunities came quickly, and I jumped at the chance to learn more through teaching. I have had the privilege to study with many brilliant luminaries over the years. Seane Corn and Anodea Judith gave me a love and passion for... Read the profile >>

Luciana Marcial-Vincion

Charleston Ride

Incomparable. Phenomenal. Absolutely AWESOME. And these aren’t our words. This is what other riders AROUND THE WORLD say about her. They’re right of course. Because you don’t become responsible for shaping the entirety of the Spinning®International Master Instructor Team if you aren’t someone incredibly special. Since you might have missed the really big deal we mentioned in the last sentence, we’ll state it another way: WE ARE THE HOME OF THE SUPREME LEADER OF THE SPINNING® PROGRAM, and we aren’t above bragging about it. We had to blackmail her to give us permission to say this stuff, because humility is her middle name. But she finally gave in and told us to go ahead and leverage her title for all it’s worth, as long as we leave her alone now. We’re not... Read the profile >>