Charleston : King Street

Luciana Marcial-Vincion

Charleston Ride

Incomparable. Phenomenal. Absolutely AWESOME. And these aren’t our words. This is what other riders AROUND THE WORLD say about her. They’re right of course. Because you don’t become responsible for shaping the entirety of the Spinning®International Master Instructor Team if you aren’t someone incredibly special.

Since you might have missed the really big deal we mentioned in the last sentence, we’ll state it another way: WE ARE THE HOME OF THE SUPREME LEADER OF THE SPINNING® PROGRAM, and we aren’t above bragging about it. We had to blackmail her to give us permission to say this stuff, because humility is her middle name. But she finally gave in and told us to go ahead and leverage her title for all it’s worth, as long as we leave her alone now. We’re not shy!

Seriously, though, she has a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and has worked for Mad Dogg Athletics as an international presenter for the Spinning® program for 12 years. In that tenure she has trained thousands of Spinning® instructors, lectured at international and national fitness conferences, and has authored dozens of workshops. She loves the Spinning® program and plans to still be teaching when she’s a great-, great-grandma!