Adam Whiting

Y2, Yoga Shala, NoDa Yoga

Adam Whiting is a musician and yoga teacher (RYT-200) who could barely touch his knees in a forward fold before he started practicing yoga in 2007. As soon as he sank in to a regular yoga practice, the changes that he noticed in all aspects of his life were undeniable. Not only could he finally touch his toes, but the migraines that used to come knocking every couple of weeks made a rapid retreat, as did the panic attacks. There is now an unmistakable lightness to what used to be a very heavy and somber spirit. He is forever grateful for the peace and joy that yoga has shown him, and is beyond excited to have the opportunity to share that joy through asana, meditation, discussion, and song. What is your favorite lululemon product? Definitely the Kung Fu Pants.I don't know... Read the profile >>

Beth Lange

Moga Charlotte

Beth grew up mostly in Charlotte but considers the mountains to be her second home where her family split their time since before she was born. Beth has had a passion for health and fitness her entire life. Growing up she competed as a year round swimmer and took up running in college. After college, Beth began her career as a personal trainer and nutrition coach but knew that she would never be satisfied until she followed her lifelong dream is to own her own business. Since Beth’s junior year in high school she has been practicing yoga and it only felt natural to start a business that combined her love for yoga with her love for athletics and healthy lifestyles. Deep stretch has become Beth’s favorite practice because it helps relax her mind and gives her the ability to keep up... Read the profile >>

Brandon Cullen

Fight Gone Mad

After a serious injury shortened his career as a professional athlete, the transition into a career of health and wellness was an easy fit for Brandon. Three years ago, this import from Canada formed his company S3endurance LLC. His concepts are fueled by HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Athletic Conditioning and Strength and Endurance. What they are best know for is their new one of a kind product "Fight gone MAD" - An athletic lifestyle company routed by fitness. Their clients are everyday people who are known for working hard and embracing life while supporting a balance athletic lifestyle. Favorite lululemon product: Hands down, the underwear. I must own 15 pair. Favorite Quote: "Life is only as good as the memories we make" The Ataris (I actually have it... Read the profile >>

Caitlin Chrisman

Charlotte Running Club

Caitlin has been a runner since she was 12 years old, after she ran her first race with her dad in Carbondale, Illinois. Fourteen years later, she loves running just as much as when she ran her first mile fun run with her dad. After graduating from Wake Forest and entering the corporate world at Bank of America, Caitlin felt like she wasn’t doing any good for the community. After meeting a new running partner, Aaron Linz, on Craigslist, they both began toying with the idea of creating a running club to bring together the running community. Four months later, they teamed up with Jay Holder to turn their dream into a reality. In May 2009, the three formed the Charlotte Running Club to help promote running as a healthy lifestyle choice in the Queen City. Not only has Caitlin seen an... Read the profile >>

Emily Breeze Ross

Moga Charlotte

Always driven by the passion and exhilaration of an active lifestyle, Emily Breeze has participated in competitive athletics, including two NCAA Division 1 sports (track and basketball). She graduated from Winthrop University with a degree in education and taught in the public school system before transitioning into her dream job-owning her own business in the health and fitness world. Her love of running, yoga, and Crossfit led to an interest in Thai Yoga Bodywork. She was owner and operator of Clear Thai Yoga Bodywork and won Best of the Best in Charlotte two years in a row before expanding and opening Moga Charlotte -a performance based yoga and mobility program that increases recovery time and reduces injury risk while maximizing athletic performance. In 2012, Emily was selected... Read the profile >>

Greg Shore

Greg Shore has many years left in his triathlon and running career to make a well-known name for himself. Having run for Belmont Abbey College for four years, Greg qualified for the Boston Marathon in 2008 with a blazing time of 3:08 at the Thunder Road Marathon in Charlotte, NC. Like many, Greg’s love for running has morphed into a passion for triathlon. In his 3-year triathlon career, Greg has qualified for USAT Age Group Nationals three times already ; twice in the intermediate distance and once in the long-course distance! Greg prefers the Olympic distance triathlon and his ideal running distance is the 8k. Greg kicked off his 2011 season on a positive foot with an overall win at the YMCA Siskey Mini Sprint triathlon and a 1st place age group finish at the Charlotte Running... Read the profile >>

Jess Pinkerton

CrossFit Vitality

Jessica has always had a passion for physical fitness. She grew up in a small town in northern Michigan and was a competitive swimmer in high school and an avid runner. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and a Master’s degree in Health Promotion and Health Education. After her daughter was born in 2008, Jessica taught aerobics classes, coached Girls on the Run, and started CrossFitting out of her garage. It was at this point that Jess found her true passion in the functional fitness world of CrossFit. Jess and her husband, Steve, trained many clients out of their garage until April of 2010 when they were able to open their dream box in Concord, CrossFit Vitality. Here Jess works with individuals of all ages and fitness levels, coaching them on everything from... Read the profile >>

Rian Harris

Yoga One, Yoga Shala

A native of the Queen City, Rian is a rare breed. A raw & vegan living foods chef and educator, and a yoga instructor, Rian made the transition to a living food/plant based diet back in 2000 during his junior year in college at N.C State. He then decided he wanted a physical practice that aligned with his holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle, and yoga was just a natural fit. He started a studio practice back in 2007, and has been practicing ever since. Rian took teacher training at Yoga One in the summer of 2010. The experience was amazing and allowed for a deeper insight into himself and his practice which he has been given an opportunity to share not only as a yoga practicioner, but also as yoga instructor. Rian teaches at Yoga One & Yoga Shala studios, as well as... Read the profile >>

Suzanne Bergen

Charlotte Yoga

Suzanne began her yoga career in NYC in 1992. She was working and living in the city. Before yoga, marathons played a major part of her life. By 1998, she had completed seven NYC Marathons. Suzanne began to look for something to help her with flexibility and core strengthening. Her yoga practice began in 1992 with Beryl Bender Birch, who was one of the first yogis to bring yoga to athletes. Little did she know that taking two classes a week would lead her to becoming a partner in Charlotte Yoga. After, the birth of her triplet boys, she moved to Charlotte, NC in 1997. Suzanne continued to train for marathons and practice yoga. Her neighbor and friend Grace Morales opened Charlotte Yoga in 2002. Grace opened a Ballantyne location and Suzanne became a partner. Helping run the... Read the profile >>