Charlotte : SouthPark

Brandon Cullen

After a serious injury shortened his career as a professional athlete, the transition into a career of health and wellness was an easy fit for Brandon. Three years ago, this import from Canada formed his company S3endurance LLC. His concepts are fueled by HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Athletic Conditioning and Strength and Endurance. What they are best know for is their new one of a kind product "Fight gone MAD" - An athletic lifestyle company routed by fitness. Their clients are everyday people who are known for working hard and embracing life while supporting a balance athletic lifestyle.

Favorite lululemon product:

Hands down, the underwear. I must own 15 pair.

Favorite Quote:

"Life is only as good as the memories we make" The Ataris
(I actually have it tattooed on my ribs )

Favorite Cause:

Pediatric cancer in any form. It is just something I don't believe anyone or any family should have to go through. It needs to be stopped.

What is the best part of your job?:

Having the ability to be creative but also controlling your own fate.
Hardwork, tends to breed success. I really believe this and love to work hard.
Working with people like yourself and spending your days with like mind people.
I'll take my 24/7 over any 9 to 5. It then becomes a lifestyle and not a job. This is something I always wanted and strived for.


What : Music (probably the thing I enjoy most)
Who : The underdog, hard workers and people that make things happen for themselves.