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Greg Shore

Greg Shore has many years left in his triathlon and running career to make a well-known name for himself. Having run for Belmont Abbey College for four years, Greg qualified for the Boston Marathon in 2008 with a blazing time of 3:08 at the Thunder Road Marathon in Charlotte, NC. Like many, Greg’s love for running has morphed into a passion for triathlon. In his 3-year triathlon career, Greg has qualified for USAT Age Group Nationals three times already ; twice in the intermediate distance and once in the long-course distance! Greg prefers the Olympic distance triathlon and his ideal running distance is the 8k. Greg kicked off his 2011 season on a positive foot with an overall win at the YMCA Siskey Mini Sprint triathlon and a 1st place age group finish at the Charlotte Running Company Trail Race 4-mile event, despite not considering himself a “trail-runner”. After growing up in Boynton Beach, FL, Greg currently lives outside of Charlotte, NC in Matthews. Greg currently works as an accountant for Filters Fast.

Favorite lululemon product?

The Response Shorts!

What is your Favorite Quote?

Life is Good! OH, and CARPE DIEM....

What is a cause/charitable organization that is close to your heart?

More Than Sport, check it out

What is the best part of our job?

I can go on and on. I work a 9-5 that is so much fun, my desk is a treadmill! On the weekends, coaching 6-10 yr olds on the sport of Triathlon is a blast. Seeing their smiling faces reminds me why I love the sport so much.

Who/What inspires you on a daily basis? God