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Rian Harris

Yoga One, Yoga Shala

A native of the Queen City, Rian is a rare breed. A raw & vegan living foods chef and educator, and a yoga instructor, Rian made the transition to a living food/plant based diet back in 2000 during his junior year in college at N.C State. He then decided he wanted a physical practice that aligned with his holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle, and yoga was just a natural fit. He started a studio practice back in 2007, and has been practicing ever since.
Rian took teacher training at Yoga One in the summer of 2010. The experience was amazing and allowed for a deeper insight into himself and his practice which he has been given an opportunity to share not only as a yoga practicioner, but also as yoga instructor.
Rian teaches at Yoga One & Yoga Shala studios, as well as donation based classes at Dharma Lounge & The Spoke Easy. He teaches kids yoga and gives group and private yoga instruction as well. When he’s not on practicing on his mat, he’s channeling yoga into other areas of his life. Rian creates raw & vegan living food, and guides others through the philosophy and art of living food preparation, juicing, and cleansing.
Rian instructs classes that create the perfect environment for students to experience their inner teacher, for them to cultivate a healthy and mindful practice, and to be content with where you are on your path. Yoga has infused me him a greater sense of alignment, wellness, and mindfulness. It is such a beautiful practice that he’s constantly weaving it into the fabric of his being. Rian’s practice is about cultivating abundance and gratitude that overflows into everything that he does.

Favorite Lululemon product:

Metal Vent Tech Sleeveless

Favorite cause/charity:

(FTPF) The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation

Favorite quote:

The greatest leader isn't the one with the most followers, it's the one that helps create the most leaders ~Neale Donald Walsh

Best part of job:

That it's seamlessly connected to my lifestyle. I do what i love, and love what i do.

Who/what inspires you:

Anyone cultivating more love, awareness, health, authenticity, unity, and radiance in the world.