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Chris Collins

ACAC Group Exercise

Chris Collins is always bursting with energy! He uses this energy to inspire his students and motivate them through challenging workouts. Chris finished his certifications three years ago with AFFA and Les Mills to teach group exercise and has since helped create classes at ACAC: Athletic Conditioning Cardio Max, Pump Challenge, and Athletic Conditioning Strength.
Chris’s primary workout is one that pushed him to the brink. His background in basketball has made him a junkie for workouts that include plyo-metrics, running, jumping, and interval training. These workouts seem to very quickly get his heart pumping and a sweat going. If he doesn’t want to quit his workout at some point, then it’s not worth doing! Chris also enjoys running distance. He has completed two marathons and numerous middle distance races. Growing up in Charlottesville, Chris can remember running his first Charlottesville Ten Miller with his mom in third grade.