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Kendra Bell

Run Expert

Kendra’s mornings usually start with a jog out on the town. She loves how running requires so little planning. Kendra keeps a change of clothes and a pair of running shoes in her car so that she can get out and run whenever she feels inspired. It was through the Army that Kendra found her love for running. After killing it on the run during her PT test, she started training for longer distances. She now enjoys running marathons, Boston being her favorite so far! Since moving to Charlottesville, from Austin, Texas she has started trail running. She recently completed her first 50k and is looking forward to meeting new and exciting races in the future!
Kendra received a degree in dietetics from Kansas State University. After graduation she joined the Army to complete her internship. She has enjoyed helping other athletes develop a nutrition and is now a certified Sports Specialist Dietitian. Outside of running, Kendra enjoys swimming, biking and other forms of cross training. She hopes to incorporate yoga in her training routine as well.