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Kiki Hocking

ACAC Yoga Instructor

ACAC yoga instructor, Kiki Hocking, found her true passion 13 years ago when she fell in love with yoga. She has since received her RYT from the Charlottesville Yoga School and now practices Ashtanga and Vinyasa 5-6 days a week. Practicing and teaching yoga makes her feel at home and truly defines her as a person. Yoga helps her heal and facilitates growth, not only in her, but also in those that she teaches.
Kiki has a BA in Commercial Art and has her MATs in Transpersonal Psychology. Her dissertation focused on the mergence of creative expression and shamanism as a mode of healing. This degree has influenced her yoga teaching. Kiki has always been an active person. Outside of yoga she enjoys hiking, running trails, and working out with a personal trainer.