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Robin Truxel


Pilates Instructor Robin Truxel is a certified Pilates instructor and owner of tru PILATES in Charlottesville. While rowing and competing in cross-country at Ithaca College, Robin also gained her Masters of Physical Therapy. She practiced in orthopedics and sports medicine for 7 years prior to opening tru PILATES. After college Robin started running marathons. She has run 12 marathons, including 3 Bostons, NYC, and Death Valley. Her primary workout right now is a monkey gym workout that she learned in Italy from Kit Laughlin. This workout is inspired by the old school gymnastics training that Pilates was based off of, including mat exercises, gymnastic rings, ropes, pull ups, wall ladders, and crazy plyometrics on stairs. After a monkey gym workout Robin feels super strong, like a superhero that can conquer the world.
Outside of Pilates, Robin is also certified in TRX and completed the National Strength and Conditioning Association CSCS exam for personal training. If she’s not dancing in the living room, Robin is probably enjoying the outdoors running, hiking, or biking the trails!