Deer Park Town Center

Becki Richards

TriBalance Yoga

In 2008 I found TriBalance Yoga Center and that is when my true practice of yoga began. I immediately knew my life would forever involve the practice of yoga. I have always been a person who lived a healthy lifestyle but yoga was something different. For once I was connecting my mind, body and spirit. Not only did I grow stronger and more flexible on my mat, but I did the same off my mat. Yoga changed my life in so many ways and I wanted to give that back to others who were seeking peace and strength in their lives. I began my teacher training at Moksha in Chicago in 2013. It was an amazing experience and and huge turning point in my life. During my teacher training I was apprenticing every week at TriBalance Yoga Center and in 2010 I began my journey as a teacher. I now teach... Read the profile >>

Craig Niven

Crossfit Barrington

Craig “Crusher” Niven Craig has always viewed fitness as a major facet in his daily life. The camaraderie and competition of CrossFit was a natural match for this life long athlete. Craig’s passion for coaching led him to become a head CrossFit coach at CrossFit Barrington in 2011, where he has played a large role in developing CFB and it’s members. Craig is inspired by the hard work and determination of his clients as he sees them improve both physically and mentally. Craig enjoys coaching teens and kids as he believes CrossFit will not only turn kids into better athletes but also better prepare them to deal with life’s unexpected challenges. Aside from coaching CrossFit, Craig has been coaching JV lacrosse at Barrington High School since 2007 with an impressive... Read the profile >>

Doug and Agata O'Neil

New Level Hot Yoga

Doug started practicing Bikram Yoga because of the injuries and surgeries his body endured from working on cars and an awkward spine. Through Bikram Yoga, Doug has healed his body and started to reshape it both physically and mentally. Since he started practicing yoga in 2005, Doug has a completely different outlook on life. “I am more zen than I could have ever imagined. I am at peace with myself and nothing can change that. I love my yoga.” He loves to help people heal their bodies the way he has healed his. By teaching Bikram Yoga, Doug gets to see this happen one posture at a time. Growing up, Agata loved playing competitive sports. She played soccer throughout high school, after high school, she continued to stay in shape by working out at the health club regularly. ... Read the profile >>

Jennifer Harrison

Jennifery Harrison Chicago Area Triathlon Coach

Jennifer Harrison is a professional USAT Level II Certified Triathlon coach in the Chicagoland area. Jennifer has over 15 years of coaching experience with athletes of all levels, and has also competed in over 200 Triathlons and Duathlons since 1995. Jennifer works with triathletes, swimmers, cyclists and runners to help them attain their goals and have fun all while maintaining balance in their life. Read the profile >>

Jim Simonik

Pulsation Yoga

Jim has been studying the practice of Yoga since 2003. He completed his 200 hour Immersion and Training in Anusara Yoga and became Anusara-Inspired in 2010. He has studied numerous hours with John Friend, Noah Mazé, Amy Ippolitti, Sianna Sherman, Desiree Rumbaugh, Betsey Downing and Ross Rayburn. Jim has been teaching yoga for over 7 years. He assists in the Pulsation Yoga's 200 hour Teacher Training. Co-owner of Pulsation with his wife Kathy, Jim is very dedicated to his students. He loves to bring playfulness into his classes with arm balances and inversions. His classes focus on the Alignment, strength and core, while being playful. Beginners and season students can equally enjoy and broaden their practice with Jim. Read the profile >>

Luann Brusa

TruCore Pilates

Twenty-five years of experience in the high-pressure world of medical device sales and the years spent earning two Master's Degrees prepared Luann for the reality of launching and operating her own business, TruCore. Many years ago, Luann’s path was abruptly altered by a life-changing trauma. While returning home from a sales call, her car was suddenly struck just miles away from her home by a drunk driver. The crash was so severe that Luann’s car was nearly unrecognizable. The effect of the accident left Luann with pain in every inch of her body, however, she chose to shift her focus on healing and turning a negative situation into one of positivity. Countless hours of physical therapy seemed to be the wisest alternative to recovery, however, her healing process directed her... Read the profile >>