Chicago : Deer Park Town Center

Becki Richards

In 2008 I found TriBalance Yoga Center and that is when my true practice of yoga began. I immediately knew my life would forever involve the practice of yoga. I have always been a person who lived a healthy lifestyle but yoga was something different. For once I was connecting my mind, body and spirit. Not only did I grow stronger and more flexible on my mat, but I did the same off my mat. Yoga changed my life in so many ways and I wanted to give that back to others who were seeking peace and strength in their lives. I began my teacher training at Moksha in Chicago in 2013. It was an amazing experience and and huge turning point in my life. During my teacher training I was apprenticing every week at TriBalance Yoga Center and in 2010 I began my journey as a teacher. I now teach 13 classes at TBYC as well as coordinate all the events and workshops.

Yoga is not only my practice, it is my lifestyle and teaching is my passion.