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Craig Niven

Craig “Crusher” Niven
Craig has always viewed fitness as a major facet in his daily life. The camaraderie and competition of CrossFit was a natural match for this life long athlete. Craig’s passion for coaching led him to become a head CrossFit coach at CrossFit Barrington in 2011, where he has played a large role in developing CFB and it’s members.

Craig is inspired by the hard work and determination of his clients as he sees them improve both physically and mentally. Craig enjoys coaching teens and kids as he believes CrossFit will not only turn kids into better athletes but also better prepare them to deal with life’s unexpected challenges.

Aside from coaching CrossFit, Craig has been coaching JV lacrosse at Barrington High School since 2007 with an impressive combined record of 39-16.
Crusher got his nickname from his ability to crush workouts and may often be seen sporting a killer mohawk. He has a love of American flag themed apparel and has a weakness for strawberry frosted donuts.