Chicago : Deer Park Town Center

Doug and Agata O'Neil

Doug started practicing Bikram Yoga because of the injuries and surgeries his body endured from working on cars and an awkward spine. Through Bikram Yoga, Doug has healed his body and started to reshape it both physically and mentally. Since he started practicing yoga in 2005, Doug has a completely different outlook on life. “I am more zen than I could have ever imagined. I am at peace with myself and nothing can change that. I love my yoga.” He loves to help people heal their bodies the way he has healed his. By teaching Bikram Yoga, Doug gets to see this happen one posture at a time.

Growing up, Agata loved playing competitive sports. She played soccer throughout high school, after high school, she continued to stay in shape by working out at the health club regularly. She over heard someone talking about a very challenging hot yoga class, so of course being up for the challenge, Agata decided to take her first Bikram class in August 2005. That was the day she fell in love with yoga. Since that day she’s been practicing Bikram regularly for 8 years and teaching the yoga for 7 years. Her favorite part about being a Bikram instructor is seeing her students transform from the inside out, physically and mentally.