Chicago : 900 N Michigan Ave

Mike Thomson

Fast & Fit Coaching

Mike Thomson is a personal trainer and USA Triathlon Level 1 coach working predominantly with runners and triathletes. Coach Mike focuses on designing a periodized program for each of his athletes that is based on their individual needs and athletic goals. The starting point with every athlete is an athlete assessment, which includes structural balance testing, run biomechanics analysis, time trial workouts, and an athlete questionnaire. Through the assessment, an athlete's strengths, weaknesses, imbalances and limiting factors can be identified. With this information in hand, program development begins.

In his 6 years working with runners and triathletes, Coach Mike has developed a niche for creating strength training protocols for runners that need form and/or strength work due to injury, muscle weakness or imbalance. Coach Mike works with these athletes to reduce risk of injury and/or improve race times.

Coach Mike has not only coached athletes at a high level, but he competes at a high level himself and practices what he preaches. Mike has competed in a number of diverse races and has reached elite levels in both triathlon and run-only races. His most recent accomplishments include: Ironman Cozumel 2010, finishing in 10 hours, 50 minutes; USAT Age Group Nationals 2011, 2:06, finishing 23rd in his age group and earning a spot on Team USA for 2012 World Championships in Auckland, New Zealand; 2011 Hot Chocolate 15k, 17th place overall, 53:30; Terrapin 5K, 16:48.