Chicago : Southport Avenue

Kelly Moore

Kelly began practicing yoga in San Francisco in 1998. She showed up to her first class coming off her first knee surgery. Despite the limitations in her knee, Kelly was immediately drawn to the physical practice and integrated yoga into her rehabilitation. She regained full range of motion in her knee, and reminding her of childhood days as a gymnast, she dedicated herself to the practice. While living in San Francisco, she played with several different styles of yoga. This powerful connection with yoga and the desire to share with others led her to her first teacher training in 2003.

Kelly was introduced to Baptiste Power Vinyasa in 2006 at Om on the Range yoga studio in Chicago. She loved the vitality and freedom she experienced from this practice. Kelly practiced Baptiste Power Vinyasa throughout her second pregnancy and set her sights on going to Level I Teacher Training with Baron once her second son was older. She completed Level 1 in October 2008 and Level II in June 2009 and became a certified teacher in December 2010.

“I can honestly say that I show up differently in my life because of this practice. I feel love and connection like I have never before. This practice keeps me grounded and encourages me daily to continue on the path of expansiveness and freedom. Whether practicing or teaching, I experience how the practice transforms us and allows us to be present and whole.” - Kelly