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Ellen Bradley

An avid athlete from a young age, Ellen discovered yoga at the end of her collegiate tennis career at Villanova University. From that first class, she fell in love! Little did she know this was a seed planted that would continue to blossom! Her yoga practice gave her support and a solid foundation throughout the next 8 years as she and her husband, Michael, moved around the country while he played professional basketball in the NBA. The one studio that always stood out from all the others was Moksha Yoga in Toronto. It is here that she discovered her first true teachers and dear friends, Jess Robertson and Ted Grand.

During the summer of 2005, after her first daughter was born, Ellen committed to taking the Moksha yoga training. This became a decision that would change her life in ways she could never imagine! ? After her husband retired in 2008, they returned to Northern Kentucky where she was raised, and opened the first Moksha yoga studio in the United States, Moksha Yoga Northern Kentucky. The second Moksha yoga studio followed two years later, with Moksha Yoga Cincinnati.

In addition to her Moksha training, Ellen has continued her studies in Vinyasa yoga, Prenatal yoga, and Kids yoga. She is committed to the pillar and journey of “Living to Learn” in order to share new knowledge to her students and teachers.

Ellen’s passion and love for yoga and her commitment to the Pillars of Moksha can be felt not only in her classes, but in the studios themselves. She is committed to using the studios as a vehicle to create change and spread Peace one deep Breath at a time. Ellen’s positive outlook and vibrant leadership can be felt by all those around her.

When Ellen is not in the studios, you will find her enjoying time with her 3 little girls Taylor, Kya, and Shae and her husband Michael! Her free spirit thrives on being outdoors with her little ones, and taking many adventurous trips with her family! Outside of Moksha Hot yoga, she has a deep passion for all sports especially tennis and basketball, and loves cooking healthy meals!

“Be the Change you wish to see in the World”! (Ghandi)

7 Founding Pillars of Moksha

1) Be Healthy
2) Be Accessible
3) Live Green
4) Sangha (Community) Support
5) Reach out
6) Live to Learn
7) Be Peace