Cincinnati : Hyde Park Square

Kevin Wimmer

Kevin Wimmer is the owner/trainer/motivator at ELMNTL Fitness. He walked away from a flourishing career as a Creative Director in Global Packaging to pursue his dream of instructing functional and fun fitness in an outdoor environment. Applying the same sense of creativity and "blue sky" philosophy to ELMNTL Fitness keeps the workouts fresh and energizing every time.

"Accomplishing a workout at the gym, prepares you for a workout at the gym. When you challenge yourself in nature, the workout is different each time. Heat and humidity force you to be conservative with your energy and force your body to adapt. Rain forces you to compensate with balance and resiliency. Snow increases resistance and focus. That is training within the elements. And of course, in spring and fall, why would you want to be inside on a perfect day?"

The foundation for ELMNTL Fitness is natural movement. Practical moves and exercises that will make you stronger and more confident in life. They supplement traditional workouts by making every move more REAL and challenging. There are no cushioned benches set to a perfect height, no bars with grip that are perfectly balanced, no flat surfaces that make things easier. So it is YOU that must develop and adapt, not the equipment. You are forced to engage with the workouts without the distraction of cardio theaters and planning "To-Do" lists. THAT makes you physically AND mentally stronger.

ELMNTL Fitness has provided Kevin with a format that supports two of his other passions - reducing our impact on the environment and spending quality time with his dog, Mason. Every workout at ELMNTL, is one less workout that uses electricity, chemical cleaners and recycled air. You are off the grid and powering the workout yourself - the only energy spent, is your own. Another catalyst for the outdoor workout format is sharing quality time with his rescue dog, Mason. "When you bring your pup to the park with you for a workout, you remove guilt as a stressor for leaving them alone, and you BOTH get some bonding time at the park. That's a win-win!"

"I believe being healthy should be fun, challenging and satisfying in a truly unique way. I believe if you have fun while exercising, you'll do it more, and those benefits are immeasurable. As an ambassador for Luluemon Athletica, I look forward to sharing this Gym Alternative with our community!"

The sun on your face and the feel of nature under your hands and feet, that is what a workout with Kevin and ELMNTL Fitness is all about.