Cincinnati : Kenwood

Frank Wray

Originally from Nebraska, I was three-sport letter winner in football, basketball, and track back in the early 80s. I was a recruited walk on for football at the University of Nebraska where I played receiver. I transferred to a smaller college after my freshman year and garnered all-conference honors as a receiver my junior and senior year. Following college, I obtained my Masters in Zoology and then my Ph.D. in Ecology and Systematics from the University of Kansas. After two years of post-doctoral work at the University of Miami in Florida, I got a job teaching at the University of Cincinnati and have been here since 1995.

I have always been active during my lifetime. Staying fit has always been a priority. I participated in every recreational sport imaginable and played recreational basketball at least three to four times a week for 30 years along with working on the weight machines. I thought I was happy with my health and fitness until a chance happening in 2008. In the fall of 2008 I was able to teach abroad in Costa Rica for five months. However, in doing this I had to give up my basketball (basketball is not very popular in Costa Rica) and since I was in a smaller city, I had to join a local gym that had limited equipment. At that time, a good friend introduced me to crossfit. She would send me these things called “WODS” and I would attempt them on my own using the available equipment. Being initially skeptical, I kept doing the workouts and found that my fitness was slowly changing and I was improving my cardio and strength. By the time I arrived back in Cincinnati I was hooked and forged ahead doing crossfit on my own at the local YMCA along with continuing to play basketball on a regular basis.

I finally realized that my progress with crossfit had plateaued. I was still happy doing the workouts on my own but I knew I needed a change. A chance walk in into Crossfit Cornerstone completely changed things. It was like opening a door and saying, “I’m home!” After visiting the box I went home and told my wife I wanted to stop playing basketball and quit the YMCA and join this crossfit gym. My wife was floored that I would give up basketball to do this but I took the plunge. Starting out was hard. I spent the first several months correcting all the bad technique I developed while doing crossfit on my own. Here I was, 48 years old, and trying to keep up with people where most were half my age. However, I found a community that emits such positive energy that it becomes contagious. You strive to improve because people want you to be better…they want you to do the common, uncommonly well!

Finally, I found that my teaching abilities at the university were transferable to crossfit. I love encouraging others to do well, to improve, to reach that virtuosity that is a hallmark of the understanding of crossfit. As a result I, along with my wife, obtained my level one certification so I could pass that passion, that want to improve… to the clients of Crossfit Cornerstone