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Becca Roodhuyzen


Becca Roo is the owner of the Playoga studio. The “Play” in Playoga captures Becca’s philosophy that yoga can be fun and that there is a dance between yoga and everyday life. Her classes are deeply authentic and lively. Becca explores parallels between the physical body-centered experiences of practice and themes of daily existence. Teaching students deep optimum alignment in their bodies is Becca’s mission; she is a master at meeting students where they are and providing perfect feedback that allows them to experience alignment.

"Yoga is a mixing bowl of contrasting complements, just like our lives and ourselves. In this way, the Universe plays: softening within structure, ease within con?ict, limited bodies with in?nite expression. Learning how to be in the center of this pulse and giggle at our own radical nature is the tenacious journey back to who we really are."

Becca has been practicing and studying yoga since 2001. She's experimented with many styles of yoga and has incorporated 13 years of experience into a challenging and dynamic practice. She's completed workshops or trainings in Interdisciplinary, Self-Awakening, Yin, Power, and Anusara® Yoga. Her primary teachers are Jeanie Manchester, Desiree Rumbaugh and Christina Sell.