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Anne Lamberty

Life Time Fitness Columbia, Yoga Center of Columbia, Maple Lawn Community Center

Anne Lamberty grew up doing backbends on the front lawn and flipping in cartwheels wherever she could without getting into trouble. It was only natural that the playful spirit of yoga drew her to her first class in 1998. The profound feeling of both strength and peace that yoga instilled in her practice and life inspired her to want to teach others to experience all that yoga has to offer. Anne completed her teacher training in 2005 at The Yoga Center of Columbia in Columbia, MD and is registered with Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level. She teaches beginner to advanced classes for group classes, private students and corporations. Anne combines enthusiasm, attention to alignment and playfulness in her classes while encouraging students to observe and honor how they feel on the inside... Read the profile >>

Jessie Kates

Yoga Love, Lifetime Fitness

Jessie's excitement and love for all things yoga is infectious. She cherishes every moment she shares with her students, guiding them and being witness to their profound journeys of self discovery and growth. Jessie's classes are accessible to all and she encourages her students to discover previously unfound freedom and joy on the mat. She will make you sweat and laugh and is empowering and playful in class reminding us that yoga should be fun. Jessie helps her students unearth new found layers of strength and openness within themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically so they can begin to experience more bliss in their lives. Jessie's goal is to help her students find more peace, balance, strength and wellness in their lives both on and off the mat. Jessie... Read the profile >>

Luke Espe

12 Labours

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Luke was a collegiate football player and three-sport athlete in high school. His entire life was about team sports, so CrossFit filled that void when he graduated college. The competitive atmosphere and the ability to use chalk were the most attractive points to him at first but it quickly turned into a lifestyle rather than just a gym. The community let him be himself, while offering the best enviroment and coaching to increase fitness levels. And according to Luke, the zombie apocalypse is inevitablely coming, so he figures he’d better get his game face on. He enjoys nothing more than helping people exceed expectations—particularly their own expectations of what society has drilled into the rest of the mediocre world. If you’re... Read the profile >>

Michelle Willis

Tae Bo® Instructor, Supreme Sports Clubs

In 2006, when I joined my first Tae Bo® fitness class, my life was transformed as I found a new passion. By 2007, I was certified by Billy Blanks® and began teaching my first class. I now teach four(4) Tae Bo® classes, with each class ranging in size from 40- 160 people (yes, 160 people in one class, the energy is amazing and we have so much fun.) My goal is for my class to be fun, while pushing each member to tap into their inner strength, realize their potential, and become stronger physically and emotionally. I believe that the impact of a fitness class surpasses the walls of the gym, as the feelings that a person has in class are oftentimes synonymous with the obstacles faced in life, such as hitting a "wall," fear of being judged, and exhaustion. I wake up every day hoping to... Read the profile >>

Robyn Humphrey

ZEN Impact Fitness

Robyn found her love for running after graduation from undergrad at James Madison University in 1986. A former Centennial High School grad,she loved the theater and arts, not even knowing that this mad passion for running was there. Within a year she found herself a member of the Howard County Striders and soon after became part of their racing team, where she is still a very active member and often ranked in the top few of her age bracket in the Mid Atlantic Region. Racing at this level for 25+ years can take it’s toll and the injuries that persisted lead Robyn to search for a holistic program that would allow her to run pain free. Ten years ago, Robyn began practicing Bikram Yoga and instantly fell in love with the external and internal healing benefits. The therapy from the... Read the profile >>