Columbia : Mall in Columbia

Luke Espe

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Luke was a collegiate football player and three-sport athlete in high school. His entire life was about team sports, so CrossFit filled that void when he graduated college. The competitive atmosphere and the ability to use chalk were the most attractive points to him at first but it quickly turned into a lifestyle rather than just a gym. The community let him be himself, while offering the best enviroment and coaching to increase fitness levels. And according to Luke, the zombie apocalypse is inevitablely coming, so he figures he’d better get his game face on.

He enjoys nothing more than helping people exceed expectations—particularly their own expectations of what society has drilled into the rest of the mediocre world. If you’re looking for a fun, yet challenging enviroment that’s more like family than the boring treadmill at your local gym, then 12 Labours is your place.