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Michelle Willis

Tae Bo® Instructor, Supreme Sports Clubs

In 2006, when I joined my first Tae Bo® fitness class, my life was transformed as I found a new passion. By 2007, I was certified by Billy Blanks® and began teaching my first class. I now teach four(4) Tae Bo® classes, with each class ranging in size from 40- 160 people (yes, 160 people in one class, the energy is amazing and we have so much fun.) My goal is for my class to be fun, while pushing each member to tap into their inner strength, realize their potential, and become stronger physically and emotionally. I believe that the impact of a fitness class surpasses the walls of the gym, as the feelings that a person has in class are oftentimes synonymous with the obstacles faced in life, such as hitting a "wall," fear of being judged, and exhaustion.
I wake up every day hoping to live my life passionately by helping others, learn new things, laugh often, and make a difference on the world (one person at a time.) In addition to teaching Tae Bo®, I am a clinical social worker, providing therapy in a private practice and teaching social work courses at several Universities. Since being certified, I have become an Elite Tae Bo® trainer certifying other instructors, a Certified Personal Trainer, and I am currently completing my Mat Pilates certification.