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Robyn Humphrey

Robyn found her love for running after graduation from undergrad at James Madison University in 1986. A former Centennial High School grad,she loved the theater and arts, not even knowing that this mad passion for running was there.

Within a year she found herself a member of the Howard County Striders and soon after became part of their racing team, where she is still a very active member and often ranked in the top few of her age bracket in the Mid Atlantic Region. Racing at this level for 25+ years can take it’s toll and the injuries that persisted lead Robyn to search for a holistic program that would allow her to run pain free.

Ten years ago, Robyn began practicing Bikram Yoga and instantly fell in love with the external and internal healing benefits. The therapy from the yoga was fantastic but the injuries still pursued. It was not until Robyn found ChiRunning®, a technique that is based upon the movement principles of T’ai Chi combined with the high energy of running, that she ultimately got a handle on these injuries.

Robyn was so fascinated by the transformation in her own running and continued success in competition with the new mechanics that she decided to become a certified instructor! Owner of Zen Impact Fitness, Robyn teaches group workshops and private/small groups the ChiRunning® method.She is beyond passionate about working with others to empower them to share the joy of pain–free running.

Robyn is madly in love with fashion for the yogini, runner and golfer and is over the moon to be an ambassador for lululemon team at The Mall in Columbia, where she has spent most of her life and where she lives with her husband Chris and soon to be senior at Centennial High School, Michael!