Columbia Showroom

Jamie Scott

Jamie Scott Fitness

Jamie Scott is a lifelong fitness advocate with a community-focused approach to health and wellness. A certified Strength Trainer and Nutrition Wellness Consultant, Jamie earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of South Carolina along with a Masters in Education and Education Specialist Degree from South Carolina State University. He is also an award-winning athlete who played football for the University of South Carolina. Jamie’s fitness advocacy first began as a nutritional counselor and head strength coach at Hammond School. Working with students K-12, Jamie designed exercise and nutritional programs with his goal of instilling positive habits that would last a lifetime. In January or 2013, while continuing to work at Hammond, Jamie launched Jamie Scott Fitness. With... Read the profile >>

Kyra Strasberg

Yoga Masala

Kyra was born and raised in Columbia. She danced professionally with Boston Ballet for 17 years, achieving the rank of Principal Ballerina before she retired in 2000. All throughout her career she studied Pilates, yoga, the Burdenko method, and various other modalities as a means to explore the limits of the human body. When she retired, she completed her Pilates certification with Romana Kryzanowska, one of the last living disciples of Joseph Pilates. Pilates himself studied the ancient tradition of yoga back at the turn of the 20th century. Kyra’s passion for movement and her deep understanding of proper body alignment lead her to Todd Norian and the Anusara style for her 200-hour yoga teacher training. She completed her 500-hour training with world renowned philosopher and... Read the profile >>

Lacy Carbone

Bikram Yoga Columbia, SC

Lacy had a really good friend that had been raving about Bikram Yoga for over a year. She felt great, looked great, & was overall really happy. Lacy was planning a move to Jacksonville, FL for a new job & decided that would be a good time to try this Bikram Yoga her friend loved so much. So she took her first Bikram Yoga class in April of 2011. It was LOVE at first SWEAT! Lacy had always been active, but never really loved any of the activities she was doing to try to stay healthy. With a dance background, being a disciplined person, & her love of heat, Bikram was the perfect workout for her. The yoga made her feel great physically & mentally. Lacy began to plan my life around my yoga practice. One month into her practice, she could not get enough Bikram Yoga. Lacy knew... Read the profile >>

Nicole Zimmer

Pink Lotus Yoga Center

Yoga and Nicole Zimmer found each other over 10 years ago after a dear friend introduced them. Nicole thought she was going to try a new workout method since the gym was not her favorite place to be, but to her surprise, yoga was so much more. Through her years of dance experience and day-to-day living, she realized she had touched on yoga many years prior without knowing it. When she moved and left everything behind including her yoga community, she yearned to go deeper. There wasn’t a local studio at the time, so books, videos and being pregnant became her teachers, and her baby helped change the ways she approached nutrition, the mind and breath. After having her son, she hired a trainer to whip her back into shape. The weight was coming off, but she was physically and mentally... Read the profile >>