Columbia,SC : Columbia Showroom

Lacy Carbone

Lacy had a really good friend that had been raving about Bikram Yoga for over a year. She felt great, looked great, & was overall really happy. Lacy was planning a move to Jacksonville, FL for a new job & decided that would be a good time to try this Bikram Yoga her friend loved so much. So she took her first Bikram Yoga class in April of 2011. It was LOVE at first SWEAT! Lacy had always been active, but never really loved any of the activities she was doing to try to stay healthy. With a dance background, being a disciplined person, & her love of heat, Bikram was the perfect workout for her. The yoga made her feel great physically & mentally. Lacy began to plan my life around my yoga practice. One month into her practice, she could not get enough Bikram Yoga. Lacy knew she had to make it a larger part of her life. As she researched more about Bikram, she discovered the next logical step was to attend Bikram’s Teacher Training. After months of discussion with her family, Lacy quit my job & left for Bikram’s 9 Week Teacher Training in Los Angeles. It was a fabulous experience & without a doubt one of the best decisions she has ever made.

Lacy began teaching Bikram Yoga in Jacksonville & St. Augustine, FL in November 2011. Out of training she was teaching & taking as much as she could & learning from her Studio Owners. Coming from a business background, Lacy wanted to make more of this love of Bikram Yoga. Her husband was always traveling to Columbia where his businesses were located. Tired of being apart so much, Lacy longed to have both her husband & Bikram Yoga in the same place. So she decided to open a Bikram Studio in my hometown of Columbia. Lacy wanted to have my husband & Bikram Yoga in the same place, but was the most excited about sharing this amazing & healing yoga with the city of Columbia. While building Bikram Yoga Columbia SC, Lacy taught at Bikram Yoga Charleston, the only other Bikram studio in the state of South Carolina. Lacy learned a lot from David Kiser, BYC’s owner & always strive to emulate the wonderful Bikram community he has created in Charleston, here in Columbia.

Bikram Yoga Columbia SC opened in October 2012. It has been a HOT, sweaty, & wonderful ride. Columbia has accepted them with open arms & they have built an amazing Bikram community. Their students are loving & committed. Lacy leads them through their practice, but they teach her new lessons each day. Lacy feel so blessed to have the support of our fabulous students, the Columbia fitness community, family, & friends.

“Teaching Bikram Yoga has been such an amazing experience thus far. It’s so inspiring to see the transformation of students’ body, practice, & mental state. I look forward to continuing the spread of Bikram Yoga in our city by opening our second location in Irmo. I hope bringing Bikram Yoga Columbia SC to Irmo will change the lives of those in the Irmo community as it has changed the lives of so many other people around the world.”