Easton Town Ctr

Charles Gibson

Arena District Athletic Club

Charles has always been an ambitious and motivated young man. To hone his respect for discipline and channel his strength he joined the U.S. Marine Corps(Reserve). It was here he found his zeal for fitness. His journey began with teaching group classes such as Body Pump, Spinning, Kickboxing and Boot Camp. His training within the service prepared and molded him for the mental challenges as well as the physical challenges that are required to conquer and defeat the barriers that may hold the “body” back from its potential. He then attended different seminars and workshops and achieved his certification as a Personal Trainer. His desire to learn increased which directed him towards yoga. Yoga gave him a better mind, a stronger body and a spiritual connection within his tools of... Read the profile >>

Josie Schweitzer

Thank Yoga

Everything I do always starts organically. When I decided to open Thank Yoga, I didn't have some well thought out plan, but I had a feeling. I knew I had to open Thank and offer a space to truly teach from my heart. That is exactly what happened, only it became so much more. When I first opened, I was styling hair full time, and teaching all of the classes on the schedule. Gradually, one more dedicated instructor came on board, and there went one less day at the salon, and so on. The Yoga has gradually dropped off of the Thank. I would hear people talking about the studio as just "Thank", and it started to hit me. This wasn't just about thanking yoga, it was about becoming more THANKful for life, on all levels. Thank has become an amazing community, a place where young... Read the profile >>

Kalee Maloney

Bikram Hot Yoga Columbus

Kalee started practicing Bikram Yoga in Louisville, KY in 2009. After getting married and moving to Austin, TX, she continued to strengthen her practice daily and fell in love with Bikram Yoga - a rigorous, full-body workout AND a disciplined meditative focus on inner stillness. Living a life of constant travel alongside her husband Matt, a professional baseball player, has given her the opportunity to practice and teach in multiple Bikram studios around the country. A few of Kalee’s favorite stops on her teaching map include San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, St. Louis, Chicago, Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo, Cincinnati, Minneapolis, Seattle, Fort Myers, Naples, and NYC. Most importantly, Kalee’s goal is to stay calm, collected, and focused in the midst of a crazy baseball lifestyle... Read the profile >>

Lauren Updyke


I love to move. Simple as that. I exist in two states – moving or not moving. It’s not a surprise that I make my living coaching others to do the same thing. MOVE – a lot. I coach endurance athletes of every level from the first time marathoner to a repeat Ironman finisher. It’s not luck but it’s probably serendipity that I ended up in Columbus, Ohio and now do something I never thought I could have done. If you want to learn more about my coaching and career check out Personally I’m a potpourri of emotion, laughter, competition, and a hoarder of the spotlight. I’m a Leo so I guess that makes sense. One of the personal challenges I have dealt with in my past is severe depression and disordered eating. Yoga and the sport of triathlon helped me overcome... Read the profile >>

Nicole Salvo

Native Cold Pressed Juice

Nicole first stepped onto her mat in 2007 in the midst of working towards her BA at Columbia in Chicago. After 17 years of training in classical ballet, she noticed immediately the healing elements of yoga for the body and mind, and fell in love with the vinyasa flow practice, linking her movement with the breath. After spending several years hopping around the Chicago yoga scene, Nicole decided she would do her 200-hr teacher training with Core Power Yoga in 2011. Meanwhile, she spent two years post-graduation working for lululemon athletica, as well as creating amazing friendships and setting goals which led her to her next adventure- traveling for six months in Southeast Asia. Nicole’s travels took her all through Thailand, to the South of India, then finally to the... Read the profile >>

Rokki Bonner

Personal Fitness Navigators

Premiere Fitness Guru and owner of Personal Fitness Navigators, Rokki Bonner, is on the rise. Small in physical stature, this personal trainer is making some big moves. Not a newcomer to the fitness world, Rokki has been training for over 14 years in the Columbus area, as well as a being a champion natural bodybuilding competitor to include the 2006 World Games held in Canada where she brought home the silver medal. Now she is taking center stage in Columbus, Ohio. Located in Bexley, Personal Fitness Navigators is quickly becoming the hottest fitness company in Columbus, Ohio. Rokki and her team specialize in boot camps, functional training, TRX, ViPR and vibration plate workouts in order to bring her clients the latest and most elite workouts in boutique fitness. Through a healthy,... Read the profile >>

Taylor Hunt

Yoga on High

Taylor Hunt (RYT 500) is a devoted student of Ashtanga; a system of yoga originally transmitted by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. The method of practice taught in Ashtanga Yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressively challenging series of postures. The combination of breath, asana (posture), and dristhi (gazing point) helps to stretch and strengthen the body, release impurities, and focus and calm the mind. Taylor makes yearly trips to Mysore, India to further his studies at the K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI) under the guidance of his teacher, R. Sharath Jois. In 2013, after several extended trips, Taylor was granted Level 2 Authorization to teach from KPJAYI and had the honor of assisting in the shala for a month. Taylor is dedicated to sharing the... Read the profile >>