Columbus : Easton Town Ctr

Charles Gibson


Charles has always been an ambitious and motivated young man. To hone his respect for discipline and channel his strength he joined the U.S. Marine Corps(Reserve). It was here he found his zeal for fitness. His journey began with teaching group classes such as Body Pump, Spinning, Kickboxing and Boot Camp.

His training within the service prepared and molded him for the mental challenges as well as the physical challenges that are required to conquer and defeat the barriers that may hold the “body” back from its potential.

He then attended different seminars and workshops and achieved his certification as a Personal Trainer. His desire to learn increased which directed him towards yoga. Yoga gave him a better mind, a stronger body and a spiritual connection within his tools of fitness. These teaching techniques has increased his love and passion for what he does that it has allowed him to teach more intimately with smaller group and or one on one sessions. As his studies have continued, Thai yoga massage has been added to his training sessions to complete his ultimate package.

Outside from personal training Charles enjoys Cross Training, Cycling, Tennis, Trail running and the TRX bands. This past year he joined and began teaching the High School girls track team as an Assistant Coach.

Charles can be found at the Arena District Athletic Club, he is the Head Trainer at this facility and enjoys the interaction with the staff and the members. You can also find Charles at Pai Yoga and Fitness where he'll kick your butt in TRX!