Columbus : Easton Town Ctr

Josie Schweitzer

Everything I do always starts organically. When I decided to open Thank Yoga, I didn't have some well thought out plan, but I had a feeling. I knew I had to open Thank and offer a space to truly teach from my heart. That is exactly what happened, only it became so much more. When I first opened, I was styling hair full time, and teaching all of the classes on the schedule. Gradually, one more dedicated instructor came on board, and there went one less day at the salon, and so on.
The Yoga has gradually dropped off of the Thank. I would hear people talking about the studio as just "Thank", and it started to hit me. This wasn't just about thanking yoga, it was about becoming more THANKful for life, on all levels. Thank has become an amazing community, a place where young professionals, moms, students, can come and just let go. Let go of whatever they are carrying with them, a place to check out of technology, and check into themselves. My mission is to get people to open up and share their stories. I want to know why? Why are you THANKful? What do you do that you are THANKful for? Who are you THANKful for? Sometimes it is in hearing someones story that can inspire them to start moving towards the life they truly want to live. I will continue to open myself up, in hopes that others will do the same. Josie is currently living in New York City, completing her 500hr teacher training with Yoga Works. You can find her teaching around the city, on the road, and running the streets.